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Monique Grant was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is a wife, a mother of four children and a grandmother of twin girls. She has always had a love for every genre of photography, but her love for nature and landscapes developed when she moved to New Mexico in 2005. Everywhere she went was picturesque. Monique is a fine art photographer who specializes in travel, landscapes, flowers and nature. 

Life has taught Monique to be flexible, passionate, and positive. She is a photographer that strives to balance all three.

Through the various paths she has taken in life, one thing has always remained the same – her passion for photography. Beginning with her first camera as a child, until today, capturing life as she sees it through the camera has always brought her so much joy.

As a photographer Monique has the ability to capture a moment in time that will quickly pass, never to be captured again. Through her photography she intends to share the beauty of the places she visits. Every picture has a story. Every photographer is a visual storyteller. Monique’s on-going mission is to explore the beauty of the world and ultimately to create images that inspire, provoke thought, evoke emotion, and rekindle the natural spirit.

She has been in several exhibits around Colorado.

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